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  1. Nimbus
    Nimbus includes a number of water treatment systems such as reverse osmosis and other filtration systems. If you are looking for best drinking water systems, water dispensers or a way to filter your water Nimbus is the answer. Nimbus systems may provide with soft water systems for your showers and any other way to filter your water.
  2. Sigg Vapeur
    Sigg Vapeur
    We call it the Sigg Vapeur ... its a food steamer with a difference ... it is an easy way to eat vegetables and has a timer too ... With the Sigg Vapeur food steaming will get to a better level.
  3. Crystal glasses
    Crystal glasses
    Royalis Crystal Glasses give a great sensation to our dining table ... water feels smoother and wine actually tastes richer. Get the feel of a Royalis crystal glass in your dining as you enjoy the pleasures of living.
  4. Imperial Waterless
    Imperial Waterless
    Imperial Waterless you can cook as a check. It is easy to use, easy to clean and durable. This stainless steel set comes with different pots and pans to do your favourite sauces and recipes.
  5. Smart Boards
    Smart Boards
    There is no better steam ironing system than the latest Smart Board. The Smart Board System will come with all the power it needs to have an efficient ironing experience and get the job done in the least time possible.
  6. Thermosan
    There is nothing better to sleep in than the Thermosan merino wool blanket. Thermosan is a quality product made from selected merino wool which give you a healthy sleep all year round.
  7. Cutlery
    Royalis offers a selection of our cutlery sets that makes food so appetising. If you really want to make a difference in your dining check out the Royalis collection.
  8. Royalis
    Royalis Range includes pocellain dinner sets, cutlery and crystal glasses. It is what makes dining looks more pleasing.
  9. Ronic
    Ronic Food Processor will chop, slice and shred all your ingredients. It is fast and it's an extra pair of hands at home. With its powerful motor and accessories you can prepare pies and pastries, juices and even ice cream.
  10. Griglioso
    The Griglioso has been renowned for having the best meal quicker and faster. How can we put it ... easy to use, easy to cook easy to clean. The Griglioso is recommended as a healthy cooking option.
  11. Thermosan
    Get comfortable in the Thermosan system. Experience the benefits of natural fibers as you sleep.
  12. Nutrimix
    Experience the Nutrimix with it's power to make Ice Creams, Smoothies, Soups, Cocktails and so much more.
  13. Relaxer Sofa Collection
    Relaxer Sofa Collection
    A refined sofa collection with perfect balance and proportions combining elegance and comfort with a sense of relaxation. Ideal for those who want a refined encounter between a traditional and a modern style.
  14. Royalis
    “Common clay must go through the heat and fire of the furnace to become porcelain. But once porcelain , it can never become clay again.”
  15. Special Care
    Special Care
    Special Care bedding systems include pillows, sheets, beds and mattresses. The beds can be supplied with or without motor and furthermore, all beds and mattresses can be customised according to shape and size required. Special Care provides all that is required for a good-night sleep without any interruptions. The Special Care range sees that different people have different needs and features products that are adaptable to these needs. Check out the Special care range at one of our showrooms
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