Human Resources 
There are many things that you can do by yourself but as a team we do great things. 
"World Marketing gives service through people, for people... we put our heart in all we do."
“Knowing what you want in life is one thing ... having the tools you need and the right support to do it makes life easier. At World Marketing we are team of people who are always learning on how to serve out clients the best way possible making daily tasks easier ... With World Marketing life is so much better."

We believe that our most important investment for the future is in our human resources, because our success is built on the teamwork and commitment of our staff members
At World Marketing we support and challenge our staff because we believe that we can only reach our ambitious goals with a motivated, loyal and professional team.
Our collaborators the ambassadors of our core values:

· We are unique in business through our solutions
· We are focused on our clients
· We are performance oriented, dynamic and discrete
· We are flexible in order to respond to the changes in the market

Are you eager to take on new challenges in the professional world? Message us to get in contact with the World Marketing Training Team and check out we can offer you. You could be the person in whose future we want to invest!
Or do you have a proven track record of your abilities and are looking for new and rewarding challenges?
See our current career opportunities at World Marketing we may have the right vacancy for you.

Jobs At World Marketing
  1. 1
    Product Trainers
    Lead a Product train others to get the best knowledge in presenting our products. Experience is an asset however not essential.
  2. 2
    Sales Representative
    Join our team if you like explaining products to our clients and give them tips on how to get best from the products we promote.
  3. 3
    Administration Management
    There is a lot to the administration. You need to systematic organised punctual and patient. The gist of it is that many people require many things and many things need to be done on time. Basic computer knowledge is a requirement. So if your are ready to learn and want to join our team, then contact us
  4. 4
    If you like to do fault finding and know how to handle domestic appliances, here could be the job for you. Candidates should be able to interact with clients and be patient to clients requirements. Driving licence is a requirement
  5. 5
    Customer Relations
    If you like to meet customers and think that you are capable to pass on the right information in the best way possible, then this is the job for you. Contact Us.
  6. 6
    We always require helpers, so you can send us your skill and you could fit in. Contact us we may fit you in.
Job Opportunites
At World Marketing we are always in need of people full of energy and enthusiam to take the lead on one of the many product lines that the organisation promotes.

Become part of our network of people who are dedicated to promote and explain our products and services.

Send us a message now for an interview ... an this could be your opportunity to grow together with us.  

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